About This Site

Hi, Extreme Pumpkins.com is my personal website. My name is Tom Nardone and I try my best to keep the site up to date and creative. I hope you enjoy your visit and learn something new. In return, I hope that you understand that this project takes a bunch of my time and money and you'll find it in your heart you order something from my company. Links to our sites are at the bottom of every page.

I started Extreme Pumpkins because carving pumpkins is something I enjoy, yet most of the pumpkin carving websites were not to my tastes. I decided to make a pumpkin carving site that included shocking, funny, and gross pumpkin designs. The concept is about adults having fun during the halloween season.

This site does include sponsor links for my company at the bottom of each page, but it is doubtful that it will be profitable. Instead, it is just a fun website that I put together with the help of some friends.

Special Thanks to:

Lisa - My lovely bride
Matt - My drinking buddy
Rob Cockerham - Creative genius
Jill, Allyson, Barb, Jackie, Teon and Gabby - Photogenic friends
The folks at Penguin Publishing and Quirk Packaging that helped put together my books.

If you want to be a part of the Extreme Pumpkins thing, why not e-mail me photos of your pumpkin? If it is good enough to post, you'll be a contest winner in this year's contest. I have some free stuff to give away to contest winners.

I have had some request for interviews with a pumpkin carver or articles about pumpkin carving. I will be very happy to help anyone writing or filming anything to do with pumpkin carving. If you would like some personal attention for an article or show, send an e-mail with the word "Press" in the subject line. I also do paid appearances, see the "how to hire me" page below. Thanks.

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