Play the Dollar Store Game Like Us

Play the Dollar Store Game Like Us
My wife and I are big fans of the dollar store. We walk there. It is about 8 blocks from our house. During the walk to the dollar store, we play a game we have invented. We call it the dollar store game. Here is what it is and how to play.

Our vast dollar store experience has taught us something. Dollar store products have strikingly similar names to there name-brand counterparts. As we walk to the dollar store, we try to guess what the dollar store brand of the item we need will be called. We rarely get the answer right, but the guessing is fun.

An example: We didn't have any windex, so off we walked to buy some dollar store window cleaner. "Let's play the game, I said".
Lisa guessed "window cleaner" because it is customary that the first guesser goes with a name that is just plainly descriptive.
"Wind-X" I suggested
"Glassex or Glass-X" says Lisa
"Awesome" I say, knowing that there is a brand of cleaner at the dollar store called "awesome" but realizing it doesn't really clean glass very well.
"Mr. Glass" says Lisa suggesting that the dollar store people have combined Mr. Clean and windex into one bottle.

and so it goes. Back and forth as we walk to the dollar store. When we get there we find that the product of choice is actually called "Windows" in a very windex-familiar font and color scheme. $1.06 (including tax) later and we are on our way home.

That is our little game. I hope you enjoy playing sometime.

By the way, the photo is of us using some dollar store "facial cleansing masks". They sort of burned your skin but they were 2 for a buck!