Down's Syndrome Sketch

Down's Syndrome Sketch
This concept was halted right at this phase. It was way too cruel.

I have actually been catching some heat over this sketch. I would like to remind readers that it is just a sketch. It did not get very far along.

I should know better than to publish work from my sketch pad. As a creative person, your sketch pad is nothing more than your thoughts put to paper. In this case we were trying to discover ideas that are truly scary to every person.

I am neither proud nor repentant over this sketch. Birth defects are scary. Anyone who has ever expected a child has feared for it. This sketch was brought about to remind us of that fear.

Some ideas were too extreme even for this site. This was one.

Before you send me an angry e-mail, why not examine your own response to the cojoined twins pumpkin? People seem to like that one, yet there are many similarities in the two human conditions.