I Wrote Some Books

I Wrote Some Books
Hey Folks, I have some great news. In early 2007 I wrote a book. It went so well, that they had me write another book in 2008. They are called Extreme Pumpkins and Extreme Pumpkins II and they includes a great number of gorey and disgusting pumpkin ideas. I hope that you will enjoy them. They should be available at bookstores all over the place during the autumn season.


UPDATE - My book is actually selling. Penguin has told me that they are printing more of them. They are buying another 7,500 books (the initial printing was 10,000). I am excited. Unfortunately, I took almost all of the money up front and Penguin gets most of the residuals.

Don't cry for me though. They paid me ten thousand dollars to write a book about carving pumpkins. My wife and I used it to move into a nicer house. We also had twins in December, so the money certainly helped.

This latest batch of books nets me about $1,200. Which doesn't seem so bad. I am spending about half of that on a device that shoots flames 15 feet into the air. The rest I will spend on something dumb, like my kids' college fund.

UPDATE 2 - I have a publicity person. Penguin has assigned me to a publicity team. They seemed to be about the nicest two people you would ever talk to on the phone. I guess that is how they landed the job. They are trying to make me famous for the week of October 20th so that many, many copies of the book will sell. Good luck to them! They will need it.

UPDATE 3 - Now I feel like this is a blog. My book is for sale now. I put a link at the bottom of the page to buy it at amazon. I make 6% of each purchase if you buy it. Combined with my authors commission that is $0.78. Woo hoo! Maybe I will post some more expensive stuff like power tools.

UPDATE 4 - I am traveling to New York to shoot some stuff for a TV special to be aired on the Travel Channel. The special will be called "Halloween's Most Extreme" it will air on the travel channel.

I had some book signings. People actually know who I am. It is fun to be a celebrity, if even for only a couple of weeks per year.

UPDATE 5 - I was on Regis and Kelly on Thursday the 25th. Fellow guests include Rene Zelwegger and The Bare Naked Ladies. That was my biggest TV gig yet. It went extremely well. Kelly Rippa and Jimmy Kimmel are really nice and cool to work with. We all had a very fun time. I pranked them a little bit by filling their pumpkin full of fake blood and it was a big hit.

UPDATE 6 - The Regis thing went so well that I immediately got a call from Good Morning America and MTV. I did GMA on Sunday and then MTV on Monday. Also, the Travel Channel thing I did has been on a few times and it makes me "look cool" according to my wife. I haven't seen it yet.

I hear the book is selling very well. Penguin publishing sent me a present in the mail, so it must be moving. Also, I was reading Parents magazine on the toilet and I saw my book mentioned in there. Cool stuff.

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you. Send in your pumpkin photos for the pumpkin contest or try to come out and meet me in person.

Signed, Tom - Halloween 2007.