Logo Pumpkin - Sharp Entertainment

Logo Pumpkin - Sharp Entertainment
OK, so you've written a book now, but who is going to hear about it. Well, if some guy from New York city calls you up and asks you to be on a TV special, you should say yes. They will fly you to New York, pick you up at the airport, buy you a donut, and take you to a cornfield on Long Island. You'll spend the day, waiting for airplanes to stop flying by so the sound guy doesn't hear the roar, then you'll shoot a few minutes of mediocre work.

But if they like you, and the producer seems to have a crush on you because you don't ask for anything, and do what they ask, they will make you look cool in post-production.

Then, the guy who called you in the first place will sell the TV show to the travel channel or something. Some channel with lots of blank space in its programming lineup. They will air that show year after year, time after time. People will come up to you on the street and recognize you, and since they made you look like a badass, they will be happy to meet you. Smiling away at you, shaking your hand. They will walk away telling their friends who you are.

Then, every year when you go to New York to carve pumpkins, the guy who called you initially will invite you to his office and you'll have a meeting where you talk about ideas to make you famous, it will feel awesome.

Eventually, you'll carve the guy a fake black pumpkin and he will like it very much. Then, everything will be great.