My Favorite Pumpkin Submission Ever!

My Favorite Pumpkin Submission Ever!
This pumpkin work combines all of the elements that I think make pumpkin carving great.

Creative use of materials - I love the cardboard box city and the stick arms of the pumpkin.

Expressive pumpkin carving - Let's not get too complex here, just show some anger and pain.

Danger and Fire - Oh Yeah! This scene has it all, even a fun scenario. This one is going to be tough to beat!

I also like the time-stamp. You know that crap like this happens at 2:09 AM. I can picture this person in my mind. He created a fun scene of this pumpkin-godzilla and even made some cardboard buildings to go with it. It sat on the patio for a day or two and his friends and family really enjoyed it.

The carver liked it too, but he knew it wouldn't last. Rot would start to set in, and his masterpiece would be gone forever. Sure, you can carve them again the next year, but it is only original once. It's a bummer. I wonder if god feels this pain after he creates us, because we will die too.

One night, our carver is out with friends having fun. Well, the party comes to an end around 2:00 and he heads home, perhaps with a friend or two. He doesn't go to sleep, though. He heads out to the patio and removes the doubt and uncertainty of a slow decline with a bottle of lighter fluid and a match. Armageddon ensues. We should all be glad that he had a camera handy at 2:09 AM because that was the exact moment that an artist became a hero.