One Pumpkin Eating Another Pumpkin

One Pumpkin Eating Another Pumpkin
A canibalistic pumpkin would be a fun addition to anyone's porch. It sure would be fun to see on halloween night.

Last year with my "Candy Trap" I learned that kids really do love to see spooky and scary things on halloween and this giant pumpkin is one of them.

Here is my script idea for Martha's show. Even if I am not on the show, I hope they will use it.

Martha invites a celebrity guest on her show to carve a pumpkin. Someone fun and innocent like Katie Couric. Martha's guest would be invited to carve a little pumpkin. Martha will carve a small pumpkin as well. "could you carve a sad face and I'll carve a happy face?" Martha will say. "Of course" Katie will say because she is so nice and agreeable.

When they are both done carving their little pumpkins, Martha could say "I carved a bigger pumpkin too. Do you want to see it?". Then BOOM! Martha trucks in this giant pumpkin and puts Katie's pumpkin in its mouth.

"Now doesn't that look nice?" Martha could say in her soothing voice.