Photo Rights for The Puking Pumpkin and Other Photos

Photo Rights for The Puking Pumpkin and Other Photos
In 2002, I created this website. It has been a big hit from a popularity standpoint. One of the favorites was the puking pumpkin. I first carved a puking pumpkin in 1998 and its photo was posted on the site when the site launched.

Since that time, the photograph of my puking pumpkin could possibly be the most stolen and uncredited photo in history. It even appeared in USA Today and I didn't even get a mention. Year after year my photograph appears everywhere and I never get credit. It is a puking pumpkin with some black marker still visible on the face, sitting on a gray porch, puking down the steps. The porch is my old house.

The funniest part was, it was a crappy photo. I guess at one point USA Today and a ton of other places decided it was OK to steal photographs, but only if they weren't very good.

So if you see a picture of a puking pumpking on a set of gray porch steps please note that the person's website you are reading is a jerk. If you see it in print, let me know. I will contact the publication and get $.

This year, I decided to recreate the Puking Pumpkin so that I could offer journalists a high-resolution copy. This time, I am smart enough to not publish the best version. I keep the high res-copy on my computer ready to e-mail to anyone who wants it. All you have to do is give me a photo credit. I don't want much, but I did create the pumpkin and the photo so I think I should be treated fairly. The one I am posting here has a water-mark.

Legal Notice: Photos contain on this website are the property of Calm Tom, any unsolicited use of them will be subject to a photo-rights fee of $500.00. US copyright regulation states that the rights to a photograph resides with the person who took the photo, edited or altering the photograph does not transfer those rights. I reserve the right to bill you for the use of my photographs. If you receive a bill from me, you can be assured that I will be getting the money. Even if you stop using the photograph, I will already have proof that you violated my copyright and will be entitled, per this notice to five hundred dollars plus legal fees. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

To Repeat - The rights to any photograph on this site can be had for free or for very little cost, just send me an e-mail. If you don't get my permission, I will find you and give you a legal thrashing that will leave you hurting and me financially rewarded for dealing with someone so stupid.