Skull and Crossbones

Skull and Crossbones
This pumpkin was sent in by some guys at a tool rental place. Tool rental guys are a strange bunch.

One time, I thought it would be cool to drive one of those bobcat things. I didn't really have much use for a bobcat, but I wanted to learn to drive one. I went to the tool rental place and asked what it takes to rent one. "$175 and a credit card" I was told.

"No driver's training? I asked".


"Anyone can drive it?"

"Gotta be 16"

That seemed fairly unbelieable. Afterall, this think is like a miniature tank. You can demolish a building with it. No training neccessary. Cool. I decided to rent a bobcat and to host a bobcat party. I invited all of the people I knew to try to drive the bobcat. We pushed gravel around my company parking lot and dug some holes to plant trees. It was really fun and it was half the cost of renting a moonwalk for a kid's party. I like the tool rental industry. It seems nicely unaffected by the sissification of the rest of the country. I am going to rent a bulldozer or a cement mixer next.