Squash and Pumpkin Tasting

Squash and Pumpkin Tasting
I think I have been doing this pumpkin thing too long. I mean, when you start wondering what a pumpkin tastes like, it might be time to quit. Unfortunately, I am way too far into it to quit now, so I ended up conducting a pumpkin tasting.

What does a pumpkin taste like? It tastes very watery, even after you roast it until it is tender it is like a very, very, very watery squash.

Before roasting the pumpkin, I asked my local pumpkin merchant if he had ever tasted one. He hadn't, but he did mention that some of the other offerings at his fine farm were quite tasty if you like squash. Apparently, my squash farming friend does not like squash, but he has heard that some of the ones he sells are tasty.

I wondered about that for a while. He farms squash. He doesn't like squash. Did he never like squash? Did he recently form a food allergy to squash because he ate so much of it? Does he avoid it like a crack dealer avoids using the "product?" Is he just afraid that every squash he eats is a couple of bucks in lost revenue. I still don't know.

I do know that I enjoy eating squash and the two other squashes that I cooked up were really, really, really tasty. I will certainly cook them up again. At 2 bucks each they were a bargain. Unfortunately, they were so big and solid that I had to cut them up with a wood saw.

There you have it. Pumpkins don't taste like much and you certainly could not make a good dish out of their watery carcasses. Other pumpkin-like squashes are quite tasty, however.