The Pumpkin Bumpkin's Best

The Pumpkin Bumpkin's Best
This guy is so good he has an alias. He carves under the name the pumpkin bumpkin.

He does
demonstrations every weekend at Oakhaven farms near Mt. Holly Michigan. Here is his note:

"I saw your free
press story and my girlfriend just heard you on the radio. I'm jealous as hell
but gotta admit that your stuff's hilarious. I'm sending you a scan of a
couple gourds I did. I didn't have time to clean up the photos (you know how
busy us carvers are this time of year).
anyways, from one carver to another, GREAT WORK. Maybe someday we'll do a
demonstration together. With my technique, your sense of humr, and pyrotechnic
tendencies, we could have a blast! Take care "The Pumpkin Bumpkin"