The Skeleton Gang

The Skeleton Gang
The submission of this one didn't include any information about the people in the photo so I will try to guess. Here is my take on the people shown. If you sent this photo in, let me know how my guessing has gone.

Here we go from Left to Right:

Bill owns the company. They process medical forms. It is boring work, but he has a wife and kids to support, so everyone better get to work.

Janet is his sister-in-law and is much too smart to work here. Unfortunately, if she left the place would implode and her nieces and nephews would be going to public school. She sticks around.

T.J. Spends much of his work hours on myspace looking at the profiles of various cam-girls. On the other hand, If the computers go down, he is your guy.

Kae handles accounts payable. She is a tough one. You better pay that bill sucka or Kae will call you every hour on the hour. She has a tattoo on her left ass cheek that say "Pay Up". Don't mess with Kae.

Lisa does a great job while working exactly 40.00 hours per week. She arrives through the front door at 8:29:59 and leaves every day at 4:29:59. You could set the atomic clock by it.

Billy just started here. He hasn't done anything fun since he answered the job post on This skeleton pumpkin thing is the first sign of life he has seen at this office. Well, that is only partially true. Since he sits next to Kae, he gets to here her call deadbeat clients nasty names.

Janet B. just got back from the dentists office. That teeth whitening crap really works! She is the only person in the office that ever leaves to get lunch. Most everyone else brings in lunch from home but Janet B. thinks the office microwave is gross.

Patsy - Patsy handles the marketing and sales for the company. All of the doctors like Patsy. Her personal physician likes to gossip about what type of underwear his patients wear and Patsy wears nice stuff. Patsy also has a tattoo on her left ass cheek that says "Pay Up". By the look of that ring on her finger her husband knows how to read.

Remember, none of the above is true. I just made it all up.