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Free Pumpkin Files

Free Pumpkin Files

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Here is some stuff I found on my computer you can have for free

I used to have a file of extreme pumpkin patterns includes the greatest pumpkin designs from my first two books and two presidential candidates from 2008(?). There were a total of 48 pumpkin patterns but I lost the file! 

In my search for the file I started to find all sorts of pumpkin carving related nonsense that I wrote. Since I can't provide the free patterns right now I am substituting some other weirdness. 

I've never really been a fan of patterns anyway. The designs I made are not quite pattern type of carvings anyway. My designs are typically best when they are a little ugly, a little lopsided. I encourage you go freehand anyway. 

All this for absolutely nothing! It is totally free.

Here is how to order: Click on the "add to cart" button. This will send you to the shopping cart. Fill out the order form. After you complete your order you'll get an email with links to download the files. 

I'll try to find those patterns and if I don't, I'll add any other weird things I find to the download. 

I hope you have an extreme halloween. 

-Your Friend, Tom Nardone

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